Cormòns and its surroundings

Easy to reach, the Al Benandant Farmhouse is located in a strategic area of Friuli

The area is suitable for those who love the countryside and good wine, but also for those who prefer the sea or the mountains (which are located a few kilometers away), without forgetting the archaeological sites of Aquileia or historically important cities such as Trieste.

Those who want to escape from the chaos and smog of the city, immerse themselves in an oasis of greenery and peace just a few minutes from the city center, and enjoy a warm family atmosphere, is welcome "Al Benandant". From here you can easily organize day trips to Lignano or Grado and enjoy the quiet countryside in the evening.

In Capriva del Friuli, which is only 4 kilometers from Cormons, there is the enchanting Castello di Spessa Golf Club. Therefore our structure turns out to be the ideal solution for golf lovers.

How not to visit Cividale del Friuli which is only 15 kilometers away and its Lombard itinerary is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is considered a treasure chest of artistic treasures: walking through its historic center you can breathe a particular atmosphere, full of suggestions.

Those who love to visit can find, just over 15 kilometers away, the beautiful and original Palmanova, a masterpiece of Venetian military architecture. A fortress city designed and built to defend the regional borders from foreign threats, especially from the Turks. Same distance and therefore just over 15 kilometers to reach Redipuglia.

Thanks to its proximity to the Shrine, Al Benandant is also chosen by history lovers.

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Location of the Farmhouse Al Benandant and map

Since the end of the nineteenth century, Casa Manzocco has been built in the heart of Cormòns

Originally a simple farmhouse located at the foot of Monte Quarin, immersed in the lush vineyards of the Collio, over the years it has been renovated and enlarged several times.

In the center is the family home, in the right wing the cellar, while in the left wing a prestigious agritourism residence has been built, which, in homage to the magical tradition of Friulian folklore, we have baptized "Al Benandant".